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Hansang Trading Limited

Direct import from Republic of Korea

: K-Food, Liquor, Kitchenware and Cosmetics 
Wholesale and retail to nationwide New Zealand

: H-Mart, Supermarkets and Restaurants

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한국 내수&수출용 제품 직수입

: 식품, 식자재, 주류, 생활용품, 화장품, 뉴질랜드 도소매 유통

: 직영마트 5개소, 전국 슈퍼마켓 & 식당 거래선

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New Arrival

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Company History












Import and sale of Fresh Food ( Shine Muscat ) from Hwaseong in Korea

Sales at Local stores: H mart(Albany, Auckland City, Henderson, Howick, Tauranga)

Expansion of business and steady supply of new products

Opened on the 1st of September

: The 5th H-mart supermarket store in Tauranga

Cosmetic Brand Olive Young New Zealand distributorship contract

Chilgab Agricultural Co., Ltd. New Zealand sole distributorship contract

Additional installation of refrigerated and refrigerated cool rooms and addition of external warehouses

Import and sale of Fresh Food ( Shine Muscat ) from Hwaseong in Korea

Expansion of regional delivery area : Whangarei, Kekeri, Gisborne

Umtree  Brand New Zealand distributor and sales

Expansion of regional delivery area : North Island Napier, New Plymouth

Acquisition of sole distributorship rights in New Zealand for No Brand sales

Business with about 60 Chinese Supermarket Store in Auckland

Registered as a vendor with Food Stuff, NZ's largest grocery chain group, to supply local market items

Handling fresh food : HwaSeong Campbell Grape, JinJu Wonhwang Shingo Pear Expanding regional delivery areas : South Island Queenstown, Dunedin

Supplying products to NZ grocery chain Pak’nSave

Registered as an Official OB Liquor importer

Relocation of warehouse expansion 1,200  → 2,500

: Purchase of headquarters warehouse completed

Registered as an Official Lotte Liquor importer

Establishment of direct delivery system - Tauranga, Rotorua, Taupo, Hamilton

New Business H-mart Liquor

Opened H-mart the 4th directly managed supermarket store in Howick

Paldo Brand Strategic Alliance

Company Establishment

Opened H-mart 3 Directly Managed supermarket store

: Albany, City, Henderson

Renew contract with existing supplier

: CJ, DaeSang, NongHyup, OKF, DongWon, DongSuh, LotteChilsung, WoongJin, NamYang..many other companies.

Meet a variety of products in retail stores



What’s in Stock- Regularly Import

로뎀 인절미(쑥)100G
Rodem Injeolmi(Rice cake)

키큰아이 핫도그 400g
Kikeni CornDog

농일 포기김치 10kg
Nongil Kimchi

Korean Grocery: Rodem
Korean Grocery: Corndogs
Korean Grocery: Nongil Kimchi

New Addition

A nutritious tiny rice cake named Injeolmi made from Korean glutinous rice with sweet soybean powder
Like freshly steamed rice cake

Customer Favorite

A corn dog or hot dog is a sausage that has been skewered, coated in a cornmeal batter, and deep-fried. 
Breaded Mozzarella Cheese & Fish cake on a stick, Potato Cheese, Mini sized..

5 types 

Top Seller

Kimchi is a traditional Korean food that is now popular all over the world. Nongil Kimchi is popular for affordable price and delicious kimchi.

14 Volkner Place

Albany, Auckland

New Zealand


(64) 09 442 1230


Business Hours
8:30AM - 5:00PM

Public Holiday: closed

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